Our Vision, Mission and Beliefs

Our Vision

CADshiksha envision itself to deliver, Trainings and Academic Know How, of Highest Quality.

Our Mission

To accomplish our Vision, the Team CADshiksha aspires to be best in class, by working hard, to improve in our own Learning, invest in best infrastructure equipment, and constant monitoring on quality of our deliveries.

Our Belief

As our Vision and Mission, motivates us to be on the process of constant improvement, every individual associated with CADshiksha, believes and lives with the motto of “understanding….anvil, knowledge….tool”, which are the precious words of wisdom from great and wise.

The underlying meaning  of the words is to make our Brains as an Anvil, (Anvil is where a blacksmith places his red hot steel to forge shapes), and the Books and Knowledge becomes the Tool (Hammer) to shape our intelligence and forge our understanding.

Our belief will assure, our students with best in class trainings be delivered to them.