Our Infrastructure

CADshiksha is not only well placed and trained, but also well equipped with latest and modern tools to help in the training for the students. Some brief facts about our infrastructure.



CADshiksha has floor space of more than 1600 sq.ft. Dedicated to training facilities.



CADshiksha has an application lab well equipped with tools like:

  • Desktops Computers 12 number, and each individual system is offered for each student in the  class with no sharing.
  • Projector in conference room to  conduct group training class and demos
  • Latest and Modern measuring equipment like Digital Vernier Calipers (Range 200mm - 600mm), Micrometer, Height Gauge, Radius, Sheet Thickness.
  • Thread, Filler Gauges, Bevel gauges, Level testers, Measuring face plates stations etc.
  • For Drafting and engineering drawing course, CADshiksha offered drawing Boards with Drafters and geometrical tools.
  • Modern Measuring equipment like Touch Probes Scanners and White Light Scanners attached with Laptops, which are most modern metrological equipments.
  • 3 axis Vertical Machining centers and turning lathes (under Commissioning).

CADshiksha believe is constant improvement of the infrastructure, so we offer training on latest versions of software from Siemens. We have 100 licenses of latest version of NX 7.5 available for training installations and they are constantly upgraded as new updates arrive.